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How long are the sessions?
You can book 30 – 60 minute sessions.
What if a trainer/session isn't available at the time that I want?
You can book a personal 1-to-1 session at a time you want using QuickBook. If you still don't see a session at the time you want, then please request a training.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?
There will be no refund, but we can help in rescheduling the session. Please make sure that your request is sent within 24 hours of the class to
Can I track my sessions?
Of course! You can track your sessions through your dashboard.
Who are the Gearfitte trainers?
The Gearfitte Training Team are certified in their respective fields. The trainers are pre-screened by Gearfitte before going live.
How does Gearfitte find trainers?
Gearfitte has a community where trainers in various genres are invited after a screening session. We do this on a regular basis.
Where are the Gearfitte trainers located?
Gearfitte trainers are located right now in India.
Are there reviews for trainers?
Users leave a rating and review for a trainer after every session. These reviews and star ratings help the trainer improve as well as help a user find one.
How much does Gearfitte cost?
Gearfitte offers pay-as-you-go pricing. The pricing depends on the trainer you choose and varies according to experience.
What do I do if there is a tech issue during my session?
If you walk into an issue, please refresh your browser or switch to the Chrome browser
Close other applications that may be accessing your camera.
Restart your computer.
If you still face an issue then please click here to state the issue with the name of the session, trainer, date and a link to the screenshot of the problem encountered.

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