Your Space | Your Time

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No Travel

Strike out the need to travel.
All you need is a computer, webcam, internet, and a little space. Roll out of bed and get going!

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No Borders

Gearfitte is free to join and empowers you to choose a session, irrespective of the time and place.

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Only Pro-Trainers

Our trainers will provide the best according to your capabilities, guiding you all the way.


Shalini Saraswathi, DGM - Global Business Tranformation

“Being an avid fitness enthusiast, one of my biggest challenges have been finding time through BANGALORE traffic to get to my instructor. Having used and seen Gearfitte, it's the perfect answer to the daily predicament for a lot of people like me. It gives me a fantastic option to choose between various workout options, instructors, choice of time. It's just perfect to meet the needs of an everyday workout.”

Shanu Rao - Foster City, San Francisco, California

“In today's world where time is a luxury, going to a gym seems difficult and we end up not exercising at all. Gearfitte tackles that issue for me. It gives me the flexibility to workout with my very own personal trainer at my own time. I love that I have choices ranging from Pilates to Bollywood at my own pace, anytime. My trainer Anisha is a very experienced trainer and I am thrilled to have joined her class.”